How Can We Reduce the Effects of Global Warming?

The cause of global warming has been a question raised by many for quite some time. One of the questions that scientists have been studying is what exactly is causing global warming? Is it man made or natural? And if man made, what can be done to reverse the effects of global warming?

The causes and effects of global warming are still being studied in an attempt to figure out what exactly is causing it. There are a number of theories as to what the cause is. Among the leading theories as to what causes global warming are solar flares, volcanoes, El Nino cycles, changes in the atmosphere due to changing climates, and man made pollutants. While each of these theories have strong evidence to back them up, none of them can be proven right or wrong at this time. It would also help if we could determine exactly what global warming is. There are many different definitions for what causes global warming, but in general it is said that it is the gradual increase in Earth’s temperature over time.

How can we stop global warming from happening? There are a few possible ways in which we can reduce or stop the effects of global warming. Some of the ways that have been suggested are:

a) Limiting the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere through fossil fuels. This has been suggested by most climatologists as a way to reduce or even stop global warming. By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, we would potentially be cutting down on the effects of global warming. However, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide only has a small effect on global warming, because it is not the only factor that causes warming.

b) Limiting the number of global surface temperatures that rise above freezing. Although not a major effect, if temperatures at the poles rise too much, this can have a cooling effect on Earth. This effect would be counteracted by an increase in greenhouse gas levels caused by the warming in the upper atmosphere. A decrease in the number of solar storms would also decrease the warming effect. Another idea is to launch balloons into the stratosphere to cool off the poles.

c) Taking steps to help the natural balance of the Earth’s climate. If we reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, there would be less of a chance of the surface of the Earth getting so hot that it would start to buckle. A good thing to do in order to reduce the effects of global warming is to take care of the problems at hand, like the depletion of the ozone layer. Earth’s poles could soon become ice-free. Also, taking care of the effects of global warming at the poles should be done immediately.

d) Fishing nations could help reduce global warming by reducing the amount of burning for fuel. A lot of greenhouse gases are produced for fuel, mostly from the burning of fossil fuels. Also, fishing activities should be limited. This would not just help reduce global warming, but could also help save some animals. If we reduce the amount of fish that are fished for fuel, more land will be rendered useless for farming. So in the end, it is a win-win situation.

e) Fishing nations can improve the conditions of the ocean. The bottom of the ocean is rich in life, including bacteria which are needed for cleansing the atmosphere. If we reduce the effects of global warming, we could also enhance the conditions for living. Also, by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we could help keep our atmosphere from heating up too much. Doing so would also have a positive effect on the earth itself.

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